Top Five Reasons

to Seek a Hemorrhoid Specialist


Hemorrhoid creams aren’t making things better.


Creams won’t fix most hemorrhoid problems.
What many patients actually have are hemorrhoids that come out when they go the bathroom. What cream is going to fix that?
If you have already bought your one tube of Preparation H and aren’t getting better, come see us.


Hemorrhoids come out when you go to the bathroom.


If they come out or you have ‘swelling’ when you go to the bathroom, this can often be fixed without surgery. If you have pain and your hemorrhoids don’t come out, you might not have hemorrhoids, but another problem, such as an anal fissure, that can be treated.


Rectal bleeding


While bleeding can be from hemorrhoids, it is never normal. Don’t let someone tell you that your bleeding is ‘just from hemorrhoids.’ Bright red bleeding may be from hemorrhoids, it can also be from colorectal cancer.
Many patients are bleeding from hemorrhoids. That can often be fixed in the office without the need for surgery


What your physician recommended isn’t working.


Many physicians don’t understand butt problems.
Many people think that anything wrong with their butt is due to hemorrhoids. However, there are many other things that can be confused with hemorrhoids. Common things include anal fissures, anal fistulas, and perianal itching.


Painful hemorrhoids


If you are hurting and aren’t getting better come see us. We are able to treat many people in the office without the need for surgery.

what our patients are saying

I have had many procedures and surgeries, for my disease. Most of them have been performed by Dr. Harb. He is comforting, yet thorough every time I see him. He is the most down-to-earth doctor that I have ever been to. No one wants to go to a “butt” doctor, BUT Dr. Harb and his staff make it all as easy as possible. You would not be disappointed if you started seeing him


– Patient of Dr. Harb

I want to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional care you have provided to me during what was a very difficult time. I am very appreciative for the genuine kindness and patience shown to me during my treatment.


– patient of Dr. Suryadevara